GA Athens

General Assembly in Athens

The EDN members met

They elected the new Board of directors and voted for the admittance of 5 new network members

WG Breathing Space 1

EDN meeting in Athens

"Breathing Space" was a 2-day creative conversation

Thinking together about the future of the network


WG Breathing Space 2

EDN meeting in Athens

Thinking about what is relevant for dance

The dynamics opened the door to new questions. The answers must be commonly given




Outreach Chile

A delegation of EDN directors visited Valparaíso in October 2015

Invited by the festival Danzalborde

OR Chile Valparaiso 2

Outreach Chile

Several South American institutions were also in Valparaíso 

An opportunity to exchange ways of operating

OR Chile Nave

Outreach Chile

A visit to Nave 

The new creation centre in Santiago de Chile

AT Dublin_54 © Lucy Dawson

Atelier in Dublin

Who am I?

An exploration of how artistic identity is maintained in a nomadic life

AT Dublin_28 © Lucy Dawson

Atelier in Dublin

Who am I?

Do we have the right models to support mobility?

A Hundred

An exploration of mapping contemporary
dance resources in Europe.

Read the results

Dancehouse buildings

Videos of dancehouses created over preexisting buildings
or newly made structures for dance.

Watch here